Ensuring the Diamond Matches the Diamond Certificate


Some of this bluish or orange you can enhance the fire of the diamond and is accepted without negative effect on the value of the diamond. For international diamond organizations are trying to standardize all laboratory certificates that day still seems away off. Some certificates provide more information than others or used tightly different nomenclature. Factors mentioned on the GIA certificate and not the EGL are culet size which is the point at the very bottom of the diamond some cutters consider this a facet others do not. Symmetry this refers to how well the overall angles and facets line with each other. Oh well cut diamond should be almost your Christmas. Crown angle under the comment section JA sometimes makes mention of the Chronicles. It does so only if angles are 30° or less or 35° or more. Auto grading is becoming more more scientific the certification process is still not hundred percent accurate. There is still an element of subjectivity involved. One love my grade same time and slightly differently from another lab. To gym all just in the same lab my also great differently.

For diamonds of 1 carat and larger I suggest using either the GIA or HRD. The EGL grades one carat stones but the GIA certificate is still preferred on larger stones. First and smaller than carat the EGL is by far and away the leading certifier. The critical element is to get a certificate from a recognized independent laboratory. It is of long-term tremendous importance for the sake of liquidity. Other he should never buy diamonds with the idea of quick resale you should keep in mind the ultimate day when you may wish to liquidate. With tonight toward that day you should regards the certificate like a pedigree or fingerprint representing your time. Trying to sell a diamond on the market with the certificate from an unknown or unacceptable lab is difficult if not impossible.

Most importantly you should insist on the certificate at the point-of-sale. but even then one must But even then one must be careful. Having a certificate is not the end of being a wise incautious fire. Even assuming that the certificate is from a legitimate laboratory and not counterfeit their precautions when should take. Unfortunately there have been some instances of stone switching by some dealers. You must be sure the diamond you receive because with the certificate. A few firms have been known to repeatedly send a high-quality stone to legitimate love get a supply of time not certificates then attach the certificates to lower quality stocks.

How do you guard against such switching? The EGL but not GIA are the enough and clothes and stones in a plastic pouch sometimes with the microfilm copy of the certificate or the code number. This is meant to ensure the client at Stone in the certificate match. The ceiling process protects the buyer and seller from the possibility of a switch by either party. Normally guarantees of the stones authenticity or voiced if the seal is broken. Many legitimate time and investment firms in Europe including some of the big French banks center diamonds and sealed Plexiglas cubes. This is all understandable from the legitimate dealers point of view. He doesn't want the customer switching stones on them if the customer sends the stone back to dealer dealer for resale for conceivably a person could take a diamond out whole so it replaced it with the synthetics or Kania or low quality diamond and clean dealers cheated him. 

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