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Hello! My name is Jean Ralph and I am an amateur jeweler and diamond collector. My hobbies include designing new pieces and developing ways to be creative with jewelry. In this blog I am going to share thoughts about the gem industry, how diamonds are graded and anything else related to jewelry. Specifically I want to provide good information for people looking to sell their jewelry in Maryland.

At that point neither party has any records since it's the buyers word against the sellers and there can be no resolution of the claim. I think the sealed cube is an indispensable tool of the honest broker conscientious investor alike. Once sealed however another problem faces the investor. How does he not encapsulated stone matches the...

Some of this bluish or orange you can enhance the fire of the diamond and is accepted without negative effect on the value of the diamond. For international diamond organizations are trying to standardize all laboratory certificates that day still seems away off. Some certificates provide more information than others or used tightly different...

In Europe the HRD has evolved its own standards resembling those of the GIA in the EGL. The HRD lab was established by the Belgium diamond council a semi official body which is the most important diamond trade association in Belgium. The lab therefore has tremendous importance and certificates are is highly prized in Europe as the GIA and EGL....


This is my blog about selling jewelry and diamonds in Maryland.

My first memories of painting come from the age of 6. After finishing Art School I started working on a series of paintings that is now exhibited in the City Gallery.

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